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Benbel Rewards Cards

What is Benbel Rewards?

We have three Benbel Rewards cards: Benbel Rewards, Benbel Pensioners and Benbel Professional. 

With every purchase and swipe of your Benbel Rewards card you will receive a portion back as money on your card. The more you swipe, the more cash back you will receive.

How to qualify for a Benbel Rewards card?

  1. Benbel Rewards - Anybody between 18 and 59 years qualifies for a Benbel Rewards Card.
  2. Benbel Pensioners - Anybody 60 years or older qualifies for a Benbel Pensioners card. Proof of age will be required (ID, Drivers Lisence, Passport, etc).
  3. Benbel Professional - Any contractor, tradesmen or business may qualify for a Benbel Professional Card. An Application form will have to be filled in with the business's information and a proof of business will need to be supplied. Application will only be approved by management after a waiting period of 1 week.
  4. Benbel Gift Card - Anybody can purchase a Benbel Gift Card and load it with any amount that is redeemable at any Benbel store. Please note: Benbel Gift Card are not rewards cards and do not earn cashback, they are purchased cards with loaded value to be giving as gifts or for self use.

Please ask your cashier to supply you with the correct card and they will help you activate it.

How to use your Benbel Rewards card?

  1. Once your card has been activated at the Benbel Rewards kiosk you can now start earning and spending.
  2. Simply supply your card at check out when paying. The cashiers will scan your card's unique code and you will receive your % cash back on your card. Your recipe will indicate to you your cash back balance. It may take up to 48 hours for your cash back to be loaded on your card.
  3. After your first purchase you will now have money on your card that you can use to help pay for your next purchase. When buying again your cashier will indicate to you what your balance is and if you would like to redeem the cash back to help pay your purchase.
  4. There is no limit to how much you can redeem. This can however be changed. You can change your limit at the Benbel Rewards kiosk.


Benifits of a Benbel Rewards card?

  1. By receiving rewards in the form of cash back you will save money with every purchase at Benbel.
  2. Each card tier has a percentage cash back loaded to every product. To view percentages click here.
  3. You have unlimited swipes and redeems are available any time. 
  4. Be the first to find out about special, deals or promotion.



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